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Who is Steve Sims?

Steve ain’t no !@&#! onion

Steve Sims with Richard Branson

What you see IS what you get. And what you see and get is a man who you’d probably avoid making eye contact with in an alley — or anywhere else for that matter. After all, a shaved head, Harley Davidson garb and body piercings on a 5’ 11”, 240 lb. frame don’t scream “let’s be friends!”


But that’s the irony of it all, because despite his gruff exterior, Steve is remarkably open, engaging, generous, intuitive, insightful and competent – and he’s leveraged all of this to build a remarkably successful entrepreneurial career…

See it with your own eyes

Click the video below and watch Steve Sims in action.

Steve Sims is a…

Public Speaker



Professional Getter

Is This For Real?

Over the years Steve Sims was mentioned in many popular press outlets.

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I’m not your average speaker and entrepreneur. My no holds barred approach is not for all but enlightening to the ones willing to listen.